New Meditation CD!

Cosmic Consciousness: A Course In Advanced Mantra Meditation

Steven M. Greer MD, widely regarded as one of the true leaders in the science of consciousness, has shared in these two CDs the complete understanding of how to attain higher states of awareness through meditation.

It is the culmination of 35 years of experience as a meditator and teacher of meditation, and brings forth a completely new understanding of the ancient Vedic knowledge of mantras, their unique tonality, and how to properly use the mantra.

The first CD describes how to meditate using the mantra in the correct way, so it is essential that it be listened to very carefully before beginning meditation. If the mantra is used improperly, its effect will be greatly reduced or negated. The mantra is a subtle thought/sound which is to be gently repeated with a light, effortless focus, not hard concentration.

The unique quality of this mantra - and how it emerged within deep cosmic awareness in July of 2007 - is described in the first CD, along with how to meditate properly with the mantra. This mantra emerged from Unbounded Mind as three pure distinct tones which became the specific mantra. This occurred shortly after the meditation shared on the second CD from the Zen Dome in Crestone, Colorado. CD number 2 contains both the meditation from the Zen Dome and the exact tonality and sound of the mantra itself.

The mantra was directly perceived as it spontaneously manifested from the deep Unbounded Cosmic Mind that is folded within each of us - and within all things. Its specific tonality gives it form, movement and ease of use unlike any mantra we have ever perceived. Through this experience, Dr. Greer realized that - while mantras and thought/sounds have been used for centuries in meditation - the specific tonality of the mantra is as important as the mantra itself. It is this knowledge that has been lost for many thousands of years, until now...

With this new mantra, the mind is able to relax and follow its tone and in so doing enables you - the meditator - to arrive easily into the deepest realm of pure cosmic awareness. This mantra is like a vehicle that carries the mind to its Source - silent, deep, peaceful, eternal Mind.

It is our hope that the gift of this meditation technique will enable many to attain the state of perfect inner peace and enlightenment and from that state of consciousness join together to create the long awaited time of Universal Peace!

With special thanks to Charlie Balogh for the music and production.