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ABUSE IS TAKEN SERIOUSLY and abusers will be held accountable.

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So that your fax does not get ignored, It is important that you compose the first paragraph in your own words with the provided fax text template.

By doing so your fax letter has much more effectiveness than just putting your name and address, as form letters have a tendency to be ignored in comparison to a personally worded letter expressing your feelings on the Disclosure Project issue.

All of your composed text will be saved for your next fax to send so you won't need to retype your text.

Suggested use is to send 4 faxes:

1. Your Representative
2. Your 1st State Senator
3. Your 2nd State Senator
4. President Obama

Sending your fax to other representatives which you are not a constituent is ineffective.

When you receive a reply

In the fax letter we are offering to provide to the representatives documents to brief them to the reality of this subject. If you receive a response from them please fax it to us at 877-922-7384 (within USA) or 501-325-8328 and we will remove all your contact information except your name and post it on the web site in the responses section for all to read, and send them some briefing materials (like the 2 hour witness DVD) if they have requested more information.

Tips on writing


Write a similar, but not identical, letter a week later, urging action. Several days later follow that with a phone call to the "Chief of Staff" politely requesting the status of their investigation into your issue. If you are then referred to a staff member, make friends with him/her. If further communication is indicated, always refer to that staff member "so it doesn't get overlooked". Thereafter, a letter to the Chief of Staff complimenting the junior staffer wouldn't hurt. For reference you can find their phone numbers Here.

Faxes versus Letters

It has been found that Personally hand written letters have more weight than faxes, but a fax is a good compliment with a letter. If you find you will never have the time to send a personalized letter or even use the sample letter form, at least your voice will be heard with a fax. If you personalize the fax by adding your own words by creating a first paragraph on the fax form, it will receive greater attention than just sending the default letter text.

About the online Fax service

This service has been provided as an aid in easily contacting your representatives regarding the Disclosure Project. To help assure responsible use of the system, all data is archived and individual user's IP addresses are logged and tracked. All information is kept strictly confidential for the use of the Disclosure Project only and is never disclosed to anyone.

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