The Greatest Secret in Modern History

UFOs and a Solution to the Environmental and Energy Crisis

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Respected Disclosure Project Supporters,

We are taking another big step toward full disclosure of the secret government and towards resolving the environmental and energy crisis we all find ourselves in.

We have compiled two brief, important documents which, if spread far and wide, could have a very large impact on the consciousness of our nation and world. We need your help in spreading these documents to all who might be interested, both through email and through public posting and distribution.

Both of these short documents are collections of some of the most powerful, revealing quotes from the book of witness testimony we compiled - Disclosure. The two-page document entitled, The Greatest Secret in Modern History, through concise, precise quotes reveals: 1) the existence of ETs; 2) their desire for us not to use nuclear devices; 3) advanced technologies developed through black projects; and 4) the war plan of the secret government. The credentials of the speakers as a whole cannot be questioned. We believe that anyone who reads this document with an open mind cannot help but be drawn to assist us in our efforts towards disclosure.

The one-page version of the same document is designed to be posted at key places such as universities, libraries, schools, supermarkets, churches, and anywhere you think it might reach concerned citizens. Though this shorter version does not have as much detail as the two-page flyer we believe that it will serve to inspire many to want to investigate the subject further.

Please help us by emailing the two-page document to all friends and colleagues who might have an interest. Please ask them in turn to email it to their friends and colleagues so that this information might spread around the nation and around the world. Also, please print and make copies of both documents and help to spread this information among your own friends and acquaintances, and throughout your community. If we all work on this together, this vital information will spread quickly and potentially make a huge difference in these difficult times.

Thanks again, for all your help and support. Together, we are working to make this world a much saner, safer place to live for ourselves and for our children.

With best wishes,

Steven M. Greer, M.D.
Director, Disclosure Project

The Greatest Secret in Modern History

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2-page (long) Version

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