An AP article by Andrew DeMillo, dated November 14, 2007, entitled Clinton Library Offers Peek at UFO Files (click here to read), refers to FOIA documents released from the Clinton Library.

One of these documents is a letter from The Project Starlight Coalition (the predecessor of Dr. Greer's Disclosure Project) signed by Dr. Steven Greer and others, urging President Clinton to declassify documents about extraterrestrials and UFOs.

This letter from The Project Starlight Coalition was the result of the historic Asilomar, California meeting that Dr. Greer organized and Laurance Rockefeller paid for in June of 1995, just before Clinton's meeting with Rockefeller in August 1995.

The letter of response from the White House to Dr. Greer is also included among the documents. The documents are all stamped CLINTON LIBRARY PHOTOCOPY.

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